Quinceanera Professional Photography Experience, Tips, and advice…Fillmore, Ventura, Moorpark, Santa Paula

Last Saturday I was at Do it Center in Moorpark picking up some chairs for my daughter’s tea party and as I was leaving the store a silver toyota tacoma truck passed by and honked and two gentlemen waived at me. I didn’t realize who it was at first but when I did the truck had already passed, luckily I did waive back. The people so excited to get my attention were the uncle of the Quinceanera I did back on July 12, 2008 with the ceremony held at Fillmore’s St. Francis Catholic church and the reception held at Ventura’s Wedgewood banquet ctr. and the portraits at the Santa Paula Depot. This was one of my best experiences because although I’ve done other Quinceaneras this was the most challenging one, it was because there were so many kids and these kids were really hyper and sent you a challenge with their comments or the things they were doing when you weren’t looking.

This is what’s so tough about Quinceaneras. You can’t be too serious or get offended easily with these kids because you got to remember, they are only 14-17 yrs. old, typically. You usually have someone who is a really good example, someone who assists you and wants to learn about photography, or just wants to be a good kid. He/She poses correctly for the formal portraits and is very cooperative. When you focus on this kid during the portraits it gives you leverage because the other kids normally yearn for that praise that you give your “good kid” during the professional photo session. This is what’s going to make your portraits really good or really bad.

Once I started doing this praise thing with the kid and using him as an example he stepped up to the challenge of being the role model for these quinceanera portraits. Through him I did get through to the others and the Quinceanera was a very nice girl too so this was also very helpful for the portraits. One mistake I have made is not change the clause on my contract to include a responsible adult and/or one of the parents to assist during the quinceanera portraits or formals. This could be tough either way and is the challenge as you get involved in shooting a quinceanera. The reason you want to do this for your quinceanera contract is because the parent can straighten out or discipline the caballero or dama (This is what you call a participant in the quinceanera the main boy is a chambelan). This is not your job as a professional photographer, may be as a babysitter but not a professional photographer. Anyway, I say this can be tough either way because if you do have an adult there the pressure can be a little tougher to handle but a little pressure during the portraits of a quinceanera are better then the problems you can encounter if there are no responsible adults there. I encourage you to add this to your quinceanera contract or children, or high school senior portrait session if you notice that the kid looks to have a challenging personality. You want people to talk about you positively and recommend others to your business.

It works out really well for Wallot’s Digital services because in addition to professional photography, we now offer digital video, and dj services to keep us busy all year, if its not photography shoots of families, pets, children, seniors, or high school seniors its, a video gig, or providing dj services at some event. I hope this is helpful for some of you and if you have any tips or advice, or would like to share your experience to help out other photographers feel free to write to this posting and best of luck to you!! Check out my work and let me know what you think. Any advice or tips on my website, the way I’m presenting, my articles or layout would be super helpful, also let me know if I can help you in any way through my blog, I would be more than happy to!




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