No photography today…….although I really did want to take pictures…..

•September 28, 2008 • Leave a Comment

My two daughters celebrated their September birthdays and had a very well organized and beautiful “Tea Party.” My wife did a great job. I was unable to be here as it was an “all girl” thing and therefore I missed the birthday party photography I usually have to commemorize the “moment.” If I could I would be taking photos of everything. I also stopped at balcom canyon between Fillmore and Moorpark to try to take a picture of the beautiful sunset between the mountains…….it just looked so beautiful, but my son really wanted to have a piece of chocolate cake and the only way to do that is to get back home before it was gone……, no pictures from the “sunset.” I did have a really good day with both of my boys thanks to the “all girl” thing. I wanted to do some portraits for all the ladies that were there as they all looked picture perfect and I have all of the portrait lighting necessary and my house looked like we had gone back into a time machine to the 1920’s, my wife did an incredible job and even though I didn’t get a chance to do some girlie, or lady like portraits I still had a great time admiring the work my wife puts into my children to help create those beautiful memories that will, hopefully, get passed onto the “next generation.” I hope it wasn’t a mistake to miss the photography of this very beautiful event because it was a gorgeous setup and most attendees “dressed up.” I look forward to the next one because I think I’m gonna force myself in there to get some portraits of all of the people coming!! I’m actually excited about the next “tea party” so that I can get some pictures taken, I don’t know if it will be in ventura, santa paula, or oxnard, that’s where its most likely to be because that’s where all these people live!! Anyway, I’m “going to take pictures” at that one……….and I’m going to do such a great job………..they can thank me later……:-).