I’m trying to write about wedding photography – something related for you photographers in oxnard ventura camarillo thousand oaks simi valley and calabasas – backup your hard drive and images etc.

I wanted to share this with you all to show the importance about backing up your system. We all think our computer is never going to be the one to crash right? It usually happens right after you’ve finished editing a your final piece of the wedding you video taped, or your shoot went extremely well and you think you have the pictures of a lifetime, or you downloaded all the music you needed for your wedding or special event as a wedding dj, or you did a marketing piece that took you over a month to put together ( I know I’m exaggerating) but now your computer CRASHED and you have NO BACKUP!!!
Please share your story and what you did to recover your data. If you’re in ventura county or anywhere else in the world and you had this happen to you feel free to let us know what happened and how you recovered your stuff. I will share my own personal experience a little later which had a happy ending but MAN, I had the scare of my life as I do wedding dj, wedding photography, and wedding video work. I had finished all of my projects and turned them in but I also had lots of my childrens photography so I didn’t want to loose it and……………..God worked it out. I’ll start another piece later and let you all know how my hard drive crashed and what I did to fix it…….thank the Lord for google.

This is the conversation I had with a fellow photographer on one of the networking sites it starts at the bottom:

Hey! Good to hear that you’re taking care of business……THE “SMART” way. It is a very long process.

If you have your install disk for your laptop, after you’ve backed everything up, you can save some money, just load your operating system yourself, its really easy if you just pop in the disk (windows xp, vista, which ever pertains to you)and reboot your laptop/computer then it will tell you to press any key to boot from cd and then follow the prompts. This can save you a couple of hundred bucks. If you do have the disk, if not ask someone who does, typically your “product key” is on a label on your laptop/computer somewhere and this is all you need as long as you have a working operating system disk.

I’m glad to hear that was helpful. It’s pretty amazing to me how so many people have “ALL” this knowledge but won’t share it. Check out my blog and see if you can give tips of your own experiences, advice, work arounds, short cuts or advice on photography, Thanks Shanda. I really tried. Let me know if I can help with anything else. Hey……..if I can help someone in 5 minutes…….ITS ALWAYS WORTH IT—-Good job backing up your stuff!!

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One more thing…i got a blue screen this morning 😦 first time thats happened. any advice???

—————– Original Message —————–
From: Ventura Photographer, Simi Valley Videography, DJ
Date: 03 Oct 2008, 12:54 PM

Hi Shanda,

It sounds like you may have spyware, adaware, or a virus preventing you from doing this. If you are on a secured network there can be some permissions that restrict uploads.
Download and install AVG antivirus (google= avg free) Also, download and install spybot search and destroy (safer-networking. org) Run both of these programs, may take a couple of hours and will slow you down a bit as they are resource intensive but will very likely find the problem. Even if you have fixed this problem be sure to run these two programs to have a better, faster experience with your system. Good luck and let me know how it goes.

Hector Wallot

—————– Bulletin Message —————–
From: Shanda Kerr Photography
Date: Oct 3, 2008 8:40 AM

ok i need some help.

for some reason, my computer is not allowing me to send any attatchments from ANY email account, nor can i upload anything to photobucket OR Myspace.

Does anyone have ANY ideas as to why this might be happening??




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