Doing Wedding Photography For Friends or Couples on a Tight Budget? Tips and advice for pros as well as Amateurs

It’s a great insight to professional wedding photographers as well as amateur wedding photographers to be protective of the photography profession as well as caring and considerate enough to give good advice. I know we have enough photographers but no one should ever try to scare anyone trying to help someone else out. Some amateurs are looking for advice and help to be able to do the most “decent” job they can in wedding photography they did not intend to do in the first place. Some wedding photographers see this and they hammer away telling them they shouldn’t or that the couple will hate them forever but I still don’t know why they do this. Are they trying to look out for the couple, the amateur photographer or……….what??

I do encourage professional photographers to be honest and mention the pressure ofthe expectations, and issues they may encounter but try to do it in a positive manner. Maybe Joe blow will end up shooting the wedding anyway because the bride and groom don’t have money for a professional $5,000 wedding photographer. I know $5000 is a little exaggerated (MAYBE FOR AN “ALL DIGITAL PACKAGE)for a basic package but some couples are just trying to do the right thing in getting married, others really don’t put that much money into the wedding photography. As professionals this is something we must all consider, not all people have the kind of money we charge for our professional photography. Just thought I’d throw it out there because I think the worst thing you can do to someone is discourage them from helping someone who thinks they maybe competent. If the bride and groom choose this “amateur” to photograph their wedding, as long as the “amateur” is honest and true to the bride and groom, then the responsibility is ultimately theirs if they’ve seen your work and/or know you’re an “amateur.”

But please, don’t be discouraging, discouraging people from doing this can actually scare someone and stop a dream that has just begun………….something to think about……..Check out my website and blog for more of my advice and professional photography:

Here’s a

Here’s a


~ by 1venturaprophotographer on October 8, 2008.

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