Photography Weddings, Quinceaneras, etc. Ventura County and On Location

I’ve been pretty excited to get to go around the state to take wedding and quinceanera photography courses to better my techniques as a photographer. I have done many events; art gallery banquets, photography for chamber of commerce events in Simi Valley (Mixer), Professional photography for Gold Coast Chamber of Commerce at the Simi Valley Ronald Reigan Library etc. So far one of my favorite churches to do photography at is the Santa Clara Catholic Church in Oxnard. This Church has such beautiful architecture and is perfect for photographers doing weddings and/or quinceaneras. The pictures come out so nice. With the right settings, you can make that place look like a palace. The other place that I really liked for photography for weddings and quinceaneras is the santa paula depot. The last quinceanera I did there came out awesome! The old style depot really gave character to the quinceanera, the chambelanes and the damas too! I haven’t gotten the opportunity to take a bride there for her wedding but I will soon! That place would also work out perfect for engagement pictures for people in ventura county. There is also a hill that overlooks the city that would make great engagement photography for ventura county residents. I’m going to be posting samples of my recent photography because I know once the search engines pick this up people are going to want proof of my good event photography and other photography too………and they’ll have it. Not sure if I’ll get to write about photography this upcoming weekend because I have my 2-daughter’s birthday party going on, soccer for four of my 5 kiddies and then time with my boys. On Sunday I’m going to go to church and spend time with my family and go watch the new movie, “FIREPROOF” I’m excited!! Our church is so awesome, they are offering free babysitting so we can go watch that movie……I can’t wait!!




~ by 1venturaprophotographer on September 27, 2008.

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