Keeping up with my ventura county professional photography blog…

Here I am trying to do the professional PHOTOGRAPHER blog in a disciplined way. I completed last weeks Radiologist photography shoot and I am sooooo excited hoping that other Doctors will want me to take their picture here in Thousand Oaks. I took my portable studio to take the on-location portraits of the radiologists in Thousand Oaks. Everything went smoothly and all of the Doctors showed up for the photos without a problem. I took about 4 shots of each of the Doctors with their Radiology lab coat and 4 more with their very nice, executive like, sports coat. This type of executive or portrait photography usually comes out really nice because the lighting is controlled, the environment is also controlled, and the pressure is really off of you as a photographer when you don’t have to cater so much to your customer. It turns into a 5-8 job per Doctor or customer and it’s usually quickly done. The Doctors also had a very nice attitude and put on that “hint” of a smile for me to have at least one nice shot of them. I will post some of the executive, Doctor, Radiology photographs or portraits, whatever you would like to call them, for everyone’s enjoyment. I’m excited to see what other photography gigs I can get from this here in Thousand Oaks, I’m thinking maybe some in Woodland Hills, Camarillo Spanish Hills, Westlake Village, or Agoura Hills…??? Maybe all the Doctors at Los Robles Hospital will want me to do it and I am very excited……….as always………very thankful too!! SEE SOME OF THE PORTRAITS HERE:



~ by 1venturaprophotographer on September 26, 2008.

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